Does your dog Shed A LOT?

We offer a Deshed package upgrade to all of our packages, inquire about pricing when booking your appointment. 

De shedding is the physical removal of a dog’s loose undercoat. The idea is to remove the hair before it lands on your furniture and clothes, but it also makes your dog more comfortable. Groomers use multiple tools and methods to de-shed dogs depending on their coat type.

Unfortunately, while de-shedding is beneficial and significantly reduces the amount of hair on your dog, it doesn’t stop the shedding process.

The cost of de-shedding varies and is usually based on time. For larger breed dogs, it can take up to 2 hours to de-shed an undercoat. Once the groomer is finished, there is usually a dog sized pile of fur left behind.

De-shedding should be done regularly, and once you’re on a good schedule, the effects will be more noticeable.